Adding SVG outlines to co-depiction photo metadata

Photo metadata: the co-depiction experiment has created a large store of photo metadata describing people in photos. I found this lacking as I didn't know who was who, so wanted to extend the meta data to include the areas of the photo which are the actual people.

Firstly I created a tool to generate the paths SVG tool for Annotating Images. Then I need to manually modify the RDF to include my new Annotation - an example of this is example RDF which was created from the original RDF.

I then created a script to generate SVG from this RDF

Person to search for:
leaving the form blank gives a collage of everyone.

Or you can search via IRC Nick (this info currently needs to added manually...)

Nick to search for:

Alternative uses of the content can be found nearby at "Using codepiction data"

Add your own codepiction photos

Things to do next: