The documents under faq_notes/ are unmaintained. An up-to-date version of this document may be available at /faq/notes/.

Notes on the comp.lang.javascript FAQ

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Notes

Because the comp.lang.javascript FAQ is posted to the group regularly there are practical constraints on how much can be included in it. At the same time it is often felt that it should contain more (or more in-depth) information on some of its topics. The FAQ is largely designed to provide URLs of other resources that provide that additional information, but where no additional resource is available or it is felt that those resources omit important information. These notes are intended to provide an opportunity for those additional resources to be created.

It is intended that anyone who wishes to contribute notes should be able to do so (under editorial control) and that some of the more in-depth postings to the group should become notes, or be incorporated within them.